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Highlighting Japanese Holidays [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Japanese have a rich tradition of holidays and festivals throughout the calendar year that celebrate their history and honor their culture. Starting with the most important holiday—Sh?gatsu, or New Year—on January 1, the Japanese calendar is packed with events that honor everything from coming of age to the longevity of the country’s elderly citizens. During the country’s Golden Week, which comes in May, families take vacations together and many businesses close for the entire week, or longer. Because of the popularity of Golden Week, transportation grinds to a halt all over the country. Learn more about Japanese holidays—and discover lots of great reasons to celebrate with a teppan-yaki dinner—in this infographic from House of Genji in San Jose. Share this information with your friends and family, and plan a get-together over delicious teppan-yaki in honor of these Japanese celebrations.


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