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What Are Some Popular Japanese Desserts?

In Japan, both traditional and Western desserts are beloved by many. Keep reading to learn about some of the sweets that Japanese restaurants, confectionaries, and street vendors often serve in Japan.

Fruit Sandwiches

If you’re like many people, then you imagine something savory when you think about enjoying a sandwich. In Japan, however, fruit sandwiches are a popular snack. This simple dessert is made by placing whipped cream and fresh fruit in between sliced bread.


Originating in France and now adapted to Japanese tastes, the parfait is an iconic dessert in Japan. This treat is often made by layering corn flakes, ice cream, and chocolate sauce, and then topping the dish with options like whipped cream, sponge cake, fresh fruit, and sprinkles.

Ice Cream

Hugely popular and a preferred summer snack for many, soft serve ice cream is offered and enjoyed throughout Japan. Rice dumplings filled with ice cream are another option for those who love this frozen dessert. While traditional ice cream flavors are popular, you can also find options like wasabi, matcha, and red bean.

Coffee Jelly

This is another dessert that is a favorite summertime treat in Japan. Coffee jelly is a simple dish made with sweetened, coffee-flavored jelly, and it is often enjoyed with ice cream, whipped cream, or sweetened condensed milk.


While you may associate crepes with fine French dining, in Japan, they have become a readily available street food. Often sold by street vendors and wrapped in paper for easy carrying, crepes can have a variety of fillings, such as ice cream, chopped nuts, fresh fruit, and chocolate sauce.


Wagashi are traditional Japanese desserts that are often enjoyed with tea. The variety that is commonly associated with wagashi and the tea ceremony is called namagashi. Namagashi sweets are made using rice flour and a sweet bean filling, and they are hand-formed into shapes that reflect the season.

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