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Spotlight on Deep Fried Calamari

Because seafood is a major component of traditional Japanese dining, it’s not usual to see a wide selection of menu items that feature fish, shrimp, and scallops when visiting a Japanese restaurant. Options made with calamari, or squid, are also very popular, and fried calamari is an often-ordered side dish.

When served, fried calamari is usually in the form of battered and breaded rings that have been fried in oil. Calamari can have a mild taste but is known for having a unique texture that can range from chewy and rubbery to gummy or crunchy, depending on how it is prepared. Many seafood enthusiasts consider calamari to be a delicacy, and it is a popular option in many Japanese restaurants.

House of Genji provides distinctive and delicious teppanyaki dining in the heart of Silicon Valley. If you’d like to try one of our calamari dishes or other menu items, then please make a reservation with our Japanese restaurant in San Jose by calling (408) 453-8120.


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