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Dining on the Lighter Side

Here at the House of Genji, we're proud to provide our diners with a menu that satisfies many different tastes and diets. One of our favorite non-Teriyaki style dishes to recommend to customers who are trying to watch what they eat or who simply prefer a lighter dinner option is the Asian Fusion Chicken Salad. This fresh and delicious salad combines several unique ingredients including iceberg lettuce, rice vermicelli, and a lightly fried chicken breast. To add a bit of crunch and flavor to the salad, our chefs top it with our signature Asian style chicken salad, cashews, and a homemade dressing.

thai chicken salad

The Asian Fusion Chicken Salad is just one of several lighter, healthier items you'll find on the menu here at the House of Genji. No matter what dinner or lunch options spark your interest during your next visit, our friendly staff will see to it that it is prepared exactly to your liking. To learn more about what you can expect during your dining experience at the House of Genji, visit us online or call us at (408) 453-8120 today.


The Most Tender Cut: Filet Mignon

Of all the cuts of meat on the menu at a Japanese steak house, the most juicy, flavorful, and sought-after is undoubtedly the filet mignon. Considered by many to be the most delicious cut of beef, the “dainty filet” is a staple here at the House of Genji, where we like to pair it with other delicious options like lobster and scallops. Here is a closer look at the filet mignon, the most tender cut:

filet mignon

The Origins of the Cut
To understand what makes filet mignon so delicious and tender, it is essential to know where it is taken from on a cow or steer. This cut is part of the tenderloin, which is the tender meat that sandwiches the animal's spine on both sides. Since cows and steers do not flex the tenderloin muscle often, the meat inside stays soft and easy to chew once prepared.

Perfect Pairings
Despite filet mignon being an incredibly juice piece of meat for diners to sink their teeth into, it can be made even more delicious when paired with the right sauce. While Bernaise sauce is the standard sauce to couple with a tender filet mignon in an ordinary steak house, Japanese steak houses often bring out the flavors of the meat with help from Teriyaki sauce. Another great way to make filet mignon especially satisfying is to pair it with seafood like lobster tail and prawns or scallops.

Health Benefits
In addition to being delicious, a quality cut of steak is also a great source of protein. Filet mignon in particular is considered to be one of the wisest meat options for diners to order because it is so lean, and if it comes from a reputable farm, then it will also be a rich source of B12 and B6. Both vitamins play an active role in reducing the risk for certain types of cancer as well as heart disease.

Here at the House of Genji, we offer a number of delicious steak dishes that are always cooked to perfection. Whether you enjoy surf and turf or prefer a petite filet on its own, our skilled chef will see to it that your meal is nothing short of satisfying. You can learn more about our menu by calling the House of Genji at (408) 453-8120.

The Origins of Sushi

Over the last decade, sushi has taken over as one of the most beloved types of Japanese food in virtually every corner of the globe. What diners in Sydney, Berlin, and even San Jose may not know, however, is that sushi has been around for centuries and was actually developed on accident. Sushi was first created when fishermen and cooks in Southeast Asia placed fish and rice together under stones in order to preserve the fish and give it a pickled flavor.

Around 1600, sushi changed when chefs realized soaking it in vinegar was another way to pickle the fish. Since then, both sashimi and mahi sushi have continued to evolve in today's modern rolls. To learn more about this delicious cuisine's evolution, check out this video.

If sushi is on the top of your list of favorite foods, then be sure to come and try the many rolls on our menu here at House of Genji. To learn more about our Japanese teppen-yaki style steak house, call (408) 453-8120.


Choosing a Healthier Lunch for Your Workday

You do not have to sacrifice taste to maintain a healthy diet. The next time you go out to lunch on a workday, use the following tips to choose a healthier lunch that still hits the spot:

Fish and lean meat are great sources of protein. There are plenty of amazing lunch options that include fish and chicken. Seaweed found in Japanese menu items like sushi has a lot of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber that can benefit your whole body. Opt for meals with a lot of vegetables that help you meet your daily quota and still enjoy delicious flavors.

Gourmet Meal

When you do lunch at House of Genji in San Jose, you have a huge selection of healthier lunch items that are full of flavor. From our lunch duos to our sushi options, we give you a way to eat healthy and still enjoy your meal. Check us out online or call (408) 453-8120 to learn more about our amazing lunch selections.

The Health Benefits of Seaweed

On top of being delicious, Japanese food also offers some important health benefits that can benefit your entire body. The next time you are craving sushi, your meal can actually help improve your overall health. Keep reading to find out how seaweed, which is an important ingredient in Japanese cuisine, can make you healthier:

Seaweed Salad

It Is Full of Dietary Fiber
Dietary fiber is an important element of a healthy diet that a lot of people tend to skimp on. Certain kinds of seaweed are full of alginate, which is a natural fiber that can aid in digestion and actually reduce the amount of fat that your body absorbs. Eating fiber also makes you feel full, which keeps you from eating more than you actually should and might help you lose a little weight.

It Contains Minerals and Vitamins You Need
Eating seaweed gives you easy access to essential minerals and vitamins that you need for your body to function at its best. It contains iodine, which your body needs to optimize thyroid function. Seaweed can actually increase your metabolism so you can break down fat more efficiently. It is also a great source of calcium, vitamin B-12, and vitamin A.

It Helps Your Heart
Like many kinds of fish, seaweed gives you a healthy amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which can improve your heart health. This vegetarian-friendly ingredient gives everyone a chance to increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in their diets. Healthy fats like these increase good cholesterol levels and lower dangerous cholesterol levels. It can also decrease inflammation, which helps reduce your risk for serious diseases.

Come to San Jose’s House of Genji to get your daily seaweed fix. Our menu is full of authentic Japanese cuisine that is both delicious and nutritious. Whether you are in the mood for teppan-yaki style steak or sushi, we have a great selection of food for everyone. To learn more about our menu items, visit us online or call (408) 453-8120.

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