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The History of the Tanabata Festival

Decorations at the Tanabata Festival

The Tanabata Festival is a Japanese tradition in which people write their wishes on tanzaku papers and hang them on bamboo branches. The origins of this tradition dates back to more than 2,000 years ago. Along with it's beautiful history, the Tanabata Festival is also known as the star festival.

At House of Genji we celebrate Japanese traditions! Give us a call today at (408) 453-8120 for more information about our Japanese restaurant located in San Jose.

Summer: Unagi Season In Japan

Japanese restaurants offer a variety of delicious options featuring an assortment of fish and other seafood. Visiting one of these eateries is a great way to expand your palate and experience new flavors and textures. Summer is a great time to try unagi, also known as freshwater eel. This tasty option is a favorite among Japanese cuisine fans, and for good reason.

Unagi is found in many different dishes offered in Japanese restaurants. This freshwater eel selection is often served on top of rice, as part of a piece of sushi, or inside a sushi roll. Unlike other sushi elements that are served raw, unagi is cooked and drizzled or coated with teriyaki sauce before it is served to diners.

Japanese restaurant

You can experience the wonder of unagi by joining us for lunch or dinner at House Of Genji! Visit our website to take a look at our menu or give us a call at (408) 453-8120 for more information about our San Jose location and hours.

A Preview of Artful Teppanyaki Cuisine

If you have never experienced a teppanyaki meal, you are in for a treat! This dining experience is unlike any other, providing diners with a fun and memorable environment that is perfect for special occasions. Teppanyaki cuisine also offers many different options that make it easy for all diners to find something they will love.

Take a look at the teppanyaki style of cooking by watching this video. Chefs work with grills set up right in front of the diners. They cook meats, vegetables, and other ingredients while performing cool and exciting tricks!

House of Genji is a great choice for a special night out enjoying teppanyaki cuisine. Call us today at (408) 453-8120 to learn more about our Japanese restaurant!

How to Keep Your Kids on Their Best Behavior While Dining Out

Dining out with young children can be a great source of anxiety—particularly if your kids do not have much practice eating in a restaurant setting. Still, it is important to bring your children along to restaurant dinners from a relatively early age so that they can develop the right social skills to appreciate dining out. At House of Genji, you can find a thrilling dining experience that caters to diners of all ages so that you feel comfortable bringing your kids to dinner while following these tips.

Family meal at restaurant.

Set ground rules before going out

Going out to dinner is a special treat, and you should remind your children of that before going out. When the dinner itself is established as a reward, children may have an easier time respecting the atmosphere of the restaurant. It is also helpful to choose a dining destination that serves food that your child will enjoy eating, such as teppanyaki chicken prepared at the table.

Dine early in the evening

A favorite trick for parents is dining out early before the dinner rush hits and brings a crowd of older diners. Going to dinner earlier in the evening will present a more kid-friendly atmosphere with a smaller crowd, meaning faster service at your table.

Bring entertainment with you

While your kids may be whisked away by the built-in entertainment of teppanyaki dining, it does not hurt to bring along a few extra activities for young diners. Small toys, coloring books, and smart devices are all easy to bring to a restaurant, and these sources of entertainment can be critical in preventing fussiness or a full-on tantrum at the table.

To experience the excitement of table-front teppanyaki cooking with the whole family, check out House of Genji in San Jose. You can explore our menu and read about our current specials on our website, or call us for reservations at (408) 453-8120.

Strip Steak of Filet Mignon? Which Is Best for Satisfying Your Craving for Steak

When you are craving the savory succulence of steak, no other meal can substitute the flavor you are after. There are, however, many ways to enjoy a steak—leaving you with a few key decisions to make at the dinner table such as which cut of meat to order. If you decide to fulfill your craving for steak at House of Genji, you will find only the finest cuts of beef prepared on the teppanyaki grill, which enhances the subtlety and tenderness of every piece of meat. Below is a closer look at the distinct differences between our two most popular cuts of steak to help you decide what to order for dinner.


Strip Steak

Strip steak, also called New York Strip, comes from the loin. This cut is at the rear of the animal, which is where the most tender steaks are found on the steer. The NY Strip is best known for its even, moderate marbling that lends a delightful meaty flavor without the overwhelming fattiness of heavier cuts such as rib eye. Because the fat is evenly and lightly distributed throughout the steak, it grills beautifully to a temperature of medium-rare to medium.

Filet Mignon

The filet is a delectable cut of steak that is served in smaller portions, because the steak is so low in fat, which makes it among the most expensive cuts of beef. Like the NY Strip, the filet is from the loin, but it offers a very different flavor. The low fat content of filet mignon makes for an incredibly delicate flavor and allows diners to savor meat cooked to the rarest temperatures.

To explore the entire menu of teppanyaki delights offered at House of Genji in San Jose, visit our website or call us at (408) 453-8120. In addition to teppanyaki foods grilled in front of you at the table, we offer an extensive selection of cocktails, sushi, and classic Japanese dishes.

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