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Learn About Your Sushi Options with this App

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Expand your sushi knowledge with the Sushipedia app available on iTunes. Whether you are a seasoned pro at ordering and eating sushi or are just starting out, this app shows you how to truly enjoy this delicacy.

Learn more about favorite sushi rolls from around the world to give yourself some ideas about new pieces to order. You can also read through tasting notes, look at pictures, and find out about seasonal sushi right from your iPhone.

Download this app before your next dinner at House of Genji to introduce yourself to a whole new world of sushi. Our expert chefs can help you find your new favorite. To learn more, visit us online or call (408) 453-8120. 

Planning the Perfect Valentine's Day Date


You built up the courage to ask her out on Valentine’s Day. Now comes the next challenge: planning the date! Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday that should be celebrated with good food and even better memories. Make sure your Valentine’s Day runs smoothly by planning a dinner date with these tips:

Finding a Great Restaurant
A dinner date is always a great choice for a romantic night out, making it the perfect plan for a Valentine’s Day date. Impress your special someone by choosing a wonderful restaurant with an inviting atmosphere. Japanese restaurants have warm and cozy environments that are great for romantic occasions. Bring your date to a Japanese restaurant for a fun and exciting night out.

Ordering Items You Can Share
Dinner provides the perfect opportunity to cozy up to your date on this romantic holiday. Make the most of this location by getting close to your special someone. Order items that you and your date can share so that you can get closer while enjoying delicious Japanese cuisine. Options that are easy to share include edamame, deep fried calamari, and prawn cocktail.

Trying New Foods Together
If you or your date have not experienced Japanese cuisine, use the romantic holiday as an excuse to try something new! Japanese cuisine utilizes a variety of fresh ingredients and amazing flavors, resulting in a number of delicious dishes that you and your sweetheart are sure to enjoy. Try new foods together as a romantic outing to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

Opting for Dessert
Help your sweetheart satisfy a sweet tooth by ordering dessert after your meal. Couples have long exchanged sweets in the form of chocolate, candies, and baked goods to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Keep the tradition alive by sharing an enticing dessert after your Valentine’s Day meal.

Start planning your Valentine’s Day date by contacting House of Genji. Our Japanese steakhouse offers the perfect environment for a romantic night out with a special someone. Discover our Japanese cuisine by viewing our menu online or get more information by calling us at (408) 453-8120.

Dessert Options to Enjoy After Your Meal

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Japanese cuisine has something for everyone! Whether your prefer chicken or beef, cooked food or raw food, you can find something you will enjoy when dining at a Japanese steakhouse.

Many diners focus solely on their entrée, but it is also important to think about what you want to order after your entrée. Japanese restaurants offer much more than delicious lunch and dinner dishes; they also offer a wonderful selection of fruity, creamy, and tasty desserts that put the perfect finishing touch on any meal. When you enjoy a meal here at House of Genji, you can finish the experience with one of our amazing desserts. Our selection includes green tea ice cream, sherbet, and fresh pineapple. Have something sweet and indulgent or sweet and healthy before heading home for the night.

ou will have plenty of time to decide on a dessert while enjoying your meal here at House of Genji. Call us at (408) 453-8120 for more information about our Japanese restaurant and our classic chicken, beef, and seafood dishes. 

Everything You Need to Know About Sake [INFOGRAPHIC]


When some people look for a beverage to accompany their meal at a fine Japanese restaurant, they automatically turn to the wine list. However, did you know that sake can be even more complex and nuanced than fine wines? Sake is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice, and can be served warm or chilled. Though some people think of it as a rice wine, it is actually brewed in a process that is more similar to making beer. The next time you sit down for sushi or a meal at a Japanese steakhouse, turn to sake for a truly unique and flavorful beverage option to complement your cuisine. Take a look at this infographic from House of Genji to find out more about the basics of sake, including the different types. Please share with your friends, family, and other food enthusiasts. Kanpai!

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