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Dessert Options to Enjoy After Your Meal

Scoop of green ice cream

Japanese cuisine has something for everyone! Whether your prefer chicken or beef, cooked food or raw food, you can find something you will enjoy when dining at a Japanese steakhouse.

Many diners focus solely on their entrée, but it is also important to think about what you want to order after your entrée. Japanese restaurants offer much more than delicious lunch and dinner dishes; they also offer a wonderful selection of fruity, creamy, and tasty desserts that put the perfect finishing touch on any meal. When you enjoy a meal here at House of Genji, you can finish the experience with one of our amazing desserts. Our selection includes green tea ice cream, sherbet, and fresh pineapple. Have something sweet and indulgent or sweet and healthy before heading home for the night.

ou will have plenty of time to decide on a dessert while enjoying your meal here at House of Genji. Call us at (408) 453-8120 for more information about our Japanese restaurant and our classic chicken, beef, and seafood dishes. 

Everything You Need to Know About Sake [INFOGRAPHIC]


When some people look for a beverage to accompany their meal at a fine Japanese restaurant, they automatically turn to the wine list. However, did you know that sake can be even more complex and nuanced than fine wines? Sake is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice, and can be served warm or chilled. Though some people think of it as a rice wine, it is actually brewed in a process that is more similar to making beer. The next time you sit down for sushi or a meal at a Japanese steakhouse, turn to sake for a truly unique and flavorful beverage option to complement your cuisine. Take a look at this infographic from House of Genji to find out more about the basics of sake, including the different types. Please share with your friends, family, and other food enthusiasts. Kanpai!

Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Did you know that green tea is one of the healthiest foods and drinks on the planet? This amazing beverage offers a number of health benefits, including aiding in weight loss and preventing cancer when consumed regularly.

As you will see in this video, green tea is a healthy option that offers a great alternative to other beverages such as black tea or coffee. Green tea contains antioxidants that can improve health and reduce the signs of aging. Adding green tea to your diet can help you enjoy a number of health benefits that affect you both mentally and physically.

It will be easy to incorporate green tea into your diet when you eat here at House of Genji! Hot green tea is offered with every combination dinner, allowing diners to gain the health benefits of green tea while complementing their meals with a hot and soothing beverage. Contact us at (408) 453-8120 to learn more.

What to Expect From Dinner at House of Genji

Variety of fresh meats on a hot plate.

Are you looking for an exciting new dinner spot? House of Genji offers an inviting scene combined with amazing Japanese cuisine to provide the perfect location for lunch and dinner! Prepare for your first trip to our Japanese restaurant by using this guide to learn what to expect:

Tasty Soup and Salad
Start your meal the right way with hot soup and a tasty salad. House of Genji dinners are served with our signature Genji soup, giving diners an opportunity to prepare their taste buds for an amazing meal. Dinners also come with a fresh salad, offering a light and refreshing dish before the meal starts.

Appetizers and Sides
It is important to build up a bit of an appetite before visiting House of Genji for dinner. After your soup and salad, the meal continues with an enticing and classic appetizer shrimp. Dinners are also served with a vegetable and steamed rice, though diners can choose fried rice or brown rice for an additional fee.

Amazing Entrée Options
House of Genji offers an assortment of delicious Japanese dishes, making it easy for all diners to find something they will enjoy. Our menu is a collection of Japanese flavors and influences featuring chicken, beef, and seafood. We also offer combination dinners including chicken and prawns, chicken and scallops, steak and scallops, steak and lobster, and much more.

Hot Green Tea
Tea may not be a traditional dinnertime beverage in other types of cuisine, but it is a popular choice when paired with Japanese dishes. Have an authentic Japanese dining experience by enjoying a hot cup of green tea with your appetizers and entrée. Green tea is included with every House of Genji dinner. Simply request a pot of hot green tea when you order your meal.

House of Genji has everything you need for an unforgettable Japanese dining experience! Contact us at (408) 453-8120 to learn more about our Japanese cuisine options and discover the many amazing dishes on our menu.

Use this App to Get Your Kids Familiar with Sushi


The SushiFriends – Fun Sushi Maker app for Android helps you spread your love of sushi. This game puts you in charge of a sushi restaurant. This means that it is your responsibility to cut up the fish and join them together with rice.

If you want your kids to start learning about sushi, this is the app for you. Just be cautious, playing it could be as addicting as actually eating sushi.

When you are craving sushi, House of Genji is here for you. We show San Jose how sushi is meant to be prepared. Come in today to sample some of our noteworthy creations. Call (408) 453-8120 today to learn more about our menus. 

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