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Exploring Your Combination Meal Options

At our Japanese restaurant, House of Genji offers you a wide range of delicious meal options from which to choose. Of these, some of our most popular menu items are our combination dishes.

We offer several seafood combos, including shrimp with either chicken, scallops, or calamari, as well as our seafood trio which includes scallops, shrimp, and calamari. Also, we have several steak dishes, served with either chicken or scallops and made with either filet mignon or New York steak. Finally, our top favorite meal option over the past 40 years is our Genji combination of succulent shrimp and tender beef steak, made with either filet mignon or New York steak.

Are you searching for delicious Japanese dining in San Jose? If so, then look no further than House of Genji. Our Japanese steakhouse and restaurant offers everything from sushi and cocktails to hibachi and teppanyaki. Call us today at (408) 453-8120 to make your Japanese dining reservation.

A Tour of Japan's Food Markets

Japan features many fresh food markets that boast a broad range of fresh ingredients. If you love Japanese food, then watch this video to step into these markets and get a look at some of the ingredients that go into your favorite Japanese restaurant dishes.

Located in Kyoto, the Nishiki Market is filled with row upon row of vendors purveying fresh goods. In the spring, some of the most-prized produce options, such as the Sansai mountain vegetables, are so seasonal that they are only available for a few weeks out of the year.

Using traditional ingredients and preparation methods, House of Genji Japanese restaurant provides you with a way to get a taste of authentic Japanese dining in San Jose. To learn about our menu or to schedule a Japanese dining reservation, please call us today at (408) 453-8120.

Top Occasions for Teppanyaki Dining

Unlike most dining options, teppanyaki offers you something unique by allowing you to see your meal prepared right at your table. This cooking style is full of fun and flare and is an excellent choice for many occasions. The following are just a few of the times when you should consider teppanyaki for your next meal out.

Birthday Dinners

Whether it is with friends or with family, going out for a meal on your birthday is a fun indulgence that can be delicious and satisfying as well. If you have a birthday coming up, then have your friends and family join you for a teppanyaki dining experience. When you gather around the large griddle, you can converse with the guests in your party while enjoying the impressive displays of your teppanyaki chef.

Office Get-Togethers

Are you tired of hitting the same dining spots with your coworkers? While going out for a meal can always be enjoyable, eating the same types of food over and over can become tedious. To switch it up, suggest teppanyaki and Japanese food the next time that you and your team head out for a meal together. Choosing this unique dining style will allow you to build memories with your coworkers while enjoying a tasty meal at the same time.

Celebration Dinners

Did someone in your family recently get a promotion? Or perhaps your child made varsity or got an excellent report card. Going out for dinner is a favorite way for families to celebrate achievements like these. Enjoying a restaurant meal allows everyone to enjoy the occasion and order what they would like to try. Choosing teppanyaki for your family’s special night out is an easy way to guarantee a tasty meal and a fun time for everyone.

At our Japanese steakhouse near San Jose, House of Genji offers a menu filled with traditional and delicious Japanese dining options, including teppanyaki dishes. To make your reservation, please give us a call today at (408) 453-8120.

Planning a Visit to Japan's Jidai Matsuri Festival

Japanese dining and culture are a favorite of many here in the United States. If you love trying new dishes when you visit your local Japanese restaurant, then you may be interested to learn more about Japan’s festivals and celebrations. As one of Kyoto’s 3 largest festivals, the Jidai Matsuri is a sight to behold.

Where to Go

Kyoto, Japan is a city with more than a millennium of history. Located on the country’s main island of Honshu, this city was once the imperial capital of Japan. The Jidai Matsuri is 1 of Kyoto’s 3 largest festivals, and it is a parade that begins at the city’s Imperial Palace and ends at the Heian-Jingu Shrine. The procession travels 4.6 miles between these 2 points.

When to Go

The Jidai Matsuri is an annual festival that takes place every October on the 22 nd. This date marks the anniversary of the foundation of Kyoto and has been celebrated with this festival since 1895. The procession typically departs from the palace at noon and reaches the shrine by 2:30 pm. While viewing the parade, you can expect it to take about 2 hours to see it from start to finish.

What to Expect

Because it celebrates the foundation of Kyoto, the Jidai Matsuri is designed to give you a glimpse into the city’s history. The impressive parade consists of more than 2000 participants, and each is dressed in a historically-accurate costume. The characters that you will see are meant to depict the 1100 years of history in which Kyoto was Japan’s capital, and the procession is divided into historical eras. At the beginning of the parade, you will see individuals dressed as those from the Meiji Restoration in 1868, which are followed in reverse chronological order back to the characters of the Heian period in 781.

House of Genji Japanese steakhouse offers you a way to get a taste of Japan’s food and culture. Our Japanese restaurant serving San Jose offers a cocktail lounge, teppanyaki, sushi, and more. To make a reservation, please call us at (408) 453-8120.

Getting Your Seafood Fix at House of Genji

For hundreds of years, Japan’s people have relied heavily on the ocean’s bounties, and this is evident in many of the country’s traditional meals. To this day, seafood in various forms plays a significant role in many Japanese dishes. If you’re searching for the right Japanese restaurant to help satisfy your hunger for seafood, then look no further than House of Genji.

At this Japanese steakhouse, you’ll find a unique menu that boasts a range of seafood entrées. A few examples of these include scallops with New York steak, scallops with filet mignon, steak and lobster, smoked salmon rolls, tuna sashimi, and the Genji seafood combo, which features lobster tail, prawns, and jumbo sea scallops.

To get your seafood fix in the form of Japanese dining in San Jose, come see us at House of Genji. We serve teppanyaki and sushi, and also have a cocktail lounge. Call us today at (408) 453-8120 to schedule your reservation.

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