• Sushi Eating Etiquette 101

    Eating Sushi

    In recent decades, many Westerners have come to appreciate the subtle art of sushi cuisine. This traditional Japanese food consists of specially vinegared rice combined with other fresh ingredients, most famously raw seafood. Many sushi restaurants in California create a relaxed environment, but many diners today are interested in authentic Japanese etiquette that governs sushi eating and other dining. Read on for an overview of sushi etiquette.

    Knowing Your Sushi
    There are many different types of sushi, and not all of them contain raw fish. Before dining at a sushi bar or restaurant, it is polite to familiarize yourself with the offerings. The two basic types of sushi are nigiri, which consist of individual slices of fish or other ingredients served over a small ball of rice, and maki, which are the familiar rolls that many American diners first learn to enjoy.

    Respecting Your Sushi Chef
    Part of proper etiquette involves respecting the sushi chef, especially if you are dining at the sushi bar. If you wish to order soup, drinks, or non-sushi items, please refrain from asking the sushi chef to fetch or prepare them for you. It can be considered an insult to inquire about the freshness of the fish, so refrain from doing so.

    Using Your Chopsticks
    Chopstick etiquette applies to all Japanese meals, including those that contain sushi. Do not stab your food with chopsticks, especially if it is a piece of nigiri or a sushi roll. Also, refrain from picking up a bowl with the hand that is holding the chopsticks. Never point or gesture with your chopsticks, or pass food from yours to someone else’s. Above all, never stick the chopsticks vertically into a bowl of rice, as this is reminiscent of the funeral practice of sticking incense vertically in a bowl of sand.

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  • How Much Soy Sauce Should You Use When Eating Sushi?

    Japanese culture is very formal, and nearly every public social occasion comes with a set of very strict rules of etiquette. Dining in particular is governed by a complex set of rules that ensure that diners are polite to one another and respect social norms.

    Though it can be part of an informal meal, sushi eating is governed by rules of etiquette as well. In this video, you will learn the etiquette surrounding soy sauce use. Press play to learn why it is considered impolite to fill an entire saucer with soy sauce if you are eating at a Japanese restaurant.

    At House of Genji, we provide authentic sushi and teppanyaki in a relaxed atmosphere where diners can choose to follow the customs of Japanese dining if they so choose. To make a reservation, call us today at (408) 453-8120.

  • 4 Advantages to Dining Out at House of Genji for Your Next Special Occasion

    While many residents of San José and Silicon Valley love to cook, many greatly enjoy eating out as well. On special occasions, when you want to get together with large groups of family and friends, dining out is the better option, especially if you lead a busy life, because it saves you the trouble of purchasing ingredients and cooking for a large group, and also of cleaning up after. Some of the reasons to visit House of Genji for your next special occasion include:

    We prepare with the best ingredients!

    Ease and Convenience

    On your birthday or during a holiday, it is wonderful to reunite with friends and family members who you may not see very often during your busy work weeks. Though you could invite them to your home, it will be more relaxing for you if you do not have to prepare food and wash dishes during a time of celebration. The friendly, expert service at House of Genji ensures that your dining out experience will be relaxed.

    Culinary Adventures

    Most home cooks have a few tried and true recipes that they return to time and again. On special occasions, however, it can be fun to try new things and introduce your family and friends to foods they haven’t tasted before. Even if you have visited a teppanyaki restaurant before and are a sushi connoisseur, you may enjoy bringing your friends and family to House of Genji for the first time.

    Dinner Entertainment

    Teppanyaki is more than just a meal—it is also a show. As your party surrounds the flat grill, your chef will perform impressive feats designed to wow you and demonstrate their skill with knives and cooking implements. Many teppanyaki chefs juggle knives and send perfectly cooked food sailing through the air from the grill directly to your plate.

    To make a reservation for your next special occasion at House of Genji, call us today at (408) 453-8120.