• Going Vegetarian at House of Genji!


    Do not shy away from a delicious meal at House of Genji because you do not eat meat. With a huge selection of vegetarian options, anyone can find a delicious menu item no matter their diet. Keep reading to learn more about our amazing selection of vegetarian-friendly food:

    Edamame is always a favorite way to start off a meal in a Japanese restaurant. We also have a side order of tofu that is served in traditional broth. Order the vegetable platter for the perfect combination of teppanyaki-style vegetables with tofu. We also have a delicious spicy grilled tofu option. Try out our rice noodle salad for a gluten free treat. You can always order steamed or brown rice as a complement to your meal.

    Come in to House of Genji today for lunch or dinner to sample some of the great dishes on our menu. From chicken & scallops to sushi, we deliver a wide array of flavors that help you satiate any craving. To learn more about our San Jose restaurant, visit us online or call (408) 453-8120.

  • Satisfy Your Entire Family’s Dinner Demands with a Teppanyaki Meal at House of Genji!

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    House of Genji specializes in a wide range of teppanyaki-style food that can please even the pickiest eaters. The next time you plan a family dinner, you should stop in to give your family access to the following delicious meal options:

    Chicken & Prawns
    This meal displays teppanyaki-style cooking at its finest. The chef prepares the chicken and the prawns to perfection right in front of your table to satiate your craving and to provide a fun atmosphere that the whole family will love.

    Steak & Chicken
    If you have any big meat eaters in your family, this meal will score some major points with them. With a choice between New York steak and Filet Mignon, you can find the perfect accompaniment to your delicious chicken meal.

    At House of Genji, you get to choose how the tuna is cooked. The meal is served with balsamic vinegar and brandy sauce to give you the full flavor you expect from a teppanyaki-style restaurant. If you are in the mood for fish, this is a great dinner option for you.

    Vegetable Platter
    Even vegetarians can order something great when they come to House of Genji. The vegetable platter comes with a variety of vegetables and a full serving of tofu to provide plenty of flavor and texture.

    Child’s Menu
    Our family-style restaurant has plenty to offer your children when it is time to eat. Kids under 12 can choose between chicken, shrimp, and New York steak for their meal. They also get a choice of soup or salad, some appetizer shrimp, a vegetable, steamed rice, and a delicious dessert.

    Come to House of Genji today to try out these and other mouthwatering dishes that will satiate your craving and keep you feeling full and satisfied. Our teppanyaki-style steak house offers you some of the best Japanese cuisine in the San Jose area. To learn more about our lunch, dinner, and sushi menu items, visit us online or call (408) 453-8120.

  • Why Sashimi Might Be Your Healthiest Meal Ever!


    House of Genji offers tuna, smoked salmon, tuna & avocado, or a combination sashimi dishes on our lunch and dinner menus. Not only do these sashimi options satisfy your hunger with amazing flavors, but they also offer a wide range of health benefits. Keep reading to find out how this delicious meal can help you feel your best:

    It Has Plenty of Protein
    Your body uses protein to build strong bones, muscle, cartilage, skin, and even blood. It also helps create enzymes, hormones, and vitamins. Proteins provide a healthy source of calories that gives your body the energy it needs to function. Protein also gives the body iron, which assists in bringing oxygen into the blood. Lean meat like fish is one of the healthiest sources of protein.

    It Provides Useful Omega-3 Fatty Acids
    The fatty acids found in fish are not created in the body but they do serve an essential purpose, which is why it is important to get them through nutrition. Omega 3-fatty acids can lower your triglycerides, decrease joint pain, lower inflammation, and might even decrease symptoms associated with ADHD. Some researchers have also started to determine that omega 3 fatty acids might even lower one’s risk for developing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

    It Is a Good Source of Vitamins B6 and B12
    B vitamins offer many health benefits including lowering stress levels and providing a natural treatment for anxiety and depression. They can also improve one’s memory, decrease symptoms associated with PMS, and lower the risk for heart disease. Sashimi offers a delicious way to get more B vitamins in your diet.

    Come to House of Genji today to sample our sashimi and start improving your health. We also have a huge selection of Japanese teppanyaki-style meals that are perfect for lunch or dinner. We provide great food, a welcoming atmosphere, and the perfect environment for everything from lunch to a birthday party. For more information on our menu options, visit us online or call (408) 453-8120.

  • What Is the Right Way to Eat Sushi?

    If you want to eat sushi the traditional way, you should start by pouring a little bit of soy sauce into your side dish. For nigiri, you can use either your hands or the chopsticks to dip the fish into the soy sauce. Be careful not to dip the rice or it will fall into the bowl. Eat the entire piece in one bite.

    You can use either your hands or the chopsticks to pick up the rolls or the sashimi and dip them into the sauce. If you want a little bit of a kick, you should mix in some wasabi. Learn more about eating sushi in this video.

    House of Genji has some of the best sushi selections in San Jose. We make it easy to get quality Japanese food without leaving the city. Call (408) 453-8120 to learn more.