A Look at Japanese National Holidays

If you love Japanese culture, celebrating the national holidays helps you enjoy some of your favorite elements of it even when you are thousands of miles from the influential island nation. Keep reading for a look at some of Japan’s national holidays so you can make plans to celebrate:

Miniature Flag of Japan (Isolated)

National Foundation Day
Japan celebrates its National Foundation Day, or kenkoku kinenbi, on February 11. This national holiday celebrates the crowning of the first Japanese emperor in the year 660 BCE.

Doll’s Festival
On March 3, Japan celebrates the Doll Festival, which is also called the Hina Matsuri. Families place dolls and peach blossoms around the house to encourage their daughters to have full and happy lives. Although the origins of this festival come from Chinese custom,  the Japanese celebrate it with sake and chirashi sushi.

Constitution Day
May 3 is Constitution Day in Japan. This holiday, or kenpo kinenbi, commemorates the new Japanese constitute, which was established after the end of the Second World War. Many Japanese people spend time going to lectures to learn more about the constitution and how it changed the country.

Respect for the Aged Day
Respect for the Aged Day, or keiro no hi, is a national holiday that occurs on the third Monday in September. The Japanese reserve this day to pay special attention and respect to their elderly and to celebrate the longevity of a life well lived.

Labour Thanksgiving Day
Kinro kansha no hi, or Labour Thanksgiving Day happens on November 23 and gives Japanese people a chance to honor their effort and labour throughout the year.

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