• Answers to Your FAQs about the House of Genji Experience

    If you have never dined with us here at House of Genji, then you’re bound to have questions regarding the menu, our weekly specials, and the general atmosphere inside our Japanese steakhouse. In order to best prepare you for your upcoming dining experience, we’d love to shed some light on some of those topics. To begin with, it’s important for you to know that we are open for lunch between 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and our dinner hours are 5:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on most weekdays. Our dinner hours on the weekend begin an hour earlier, and we close half an hour later on Friday and Saturday evenings. House of Genji is able to easily accommodate large parties, parties with children, and diners who have special dietary requirements or restrictions such as a gluten allergy or a vegetarian diet.

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    We recommend that you and your guests dress in a style that is dressy-casual, and we also recommend that you and your dinner companions book a reservation on our busier weekend nights. If you still have more questions about the  House of Genji  experience, call (408) 453-8120 to get the answers you’re looking for.

  • A Simple Guide to the Etiquette of Sushi

    Are you new to the world of sushi and all of the exotic and delicious flavors that it has to offer? If you’re a sushi rookie, it’s important that you understand some of the basics when it comes to eating this popular type of cuisine. Here is a simple guide to the etiquette of sushi.


    Pick Your Ideal Seat in the Restaurant
    The first decision you will need to make when you enter the restaurant is where you would like to sit. There is no wrong or right place to sit; however, how you order your meals will differ slightly should you choose to sit at the bar rather than at a table. If you sit at the bar, you will order from the sushi chef unless you would like non-sushi items, in which case you should always order from a server.

    Consider Your Appetite Before Ordering
    It is considered quite rude to leave food on your plate after you have finished dining at a  sushi restaurant. That is one reason why it’s very important to only order as much sushi as you believe you will be able to eat. If you are concerned that you may not be ordering the right amount of food, consult the sushi chef. Another question the sushi chef will appreciate you asking is whether or not any special items are available for order that evening.

    Know When and How to Use Your Chopsticks
    Contrary to popular belief, it is okay to eat certain sushi rolls with your hands. Nigiri-sushi, which is sushi that typically features fish or egg on top of rice, can be eaten with the hands, unlike sashimi, which should always be eaten using chopsticks. Never pass food to another diner using your chopsticks, as this act is considered inappropriate at Japanese restaurants.

    Now that you have gone from sushi novice to sushi expert in just a short amount of time, you’re ready to try some of the delicious rolls waiting for you here at House of Genji in San Jose. In addition to sushi, we also offer traditional Japanese entrees for both lunch and dinner. Call (408) 453-8120 to learn more about  our menu.

  • How Soy Sauce Is Made

    Soy sauce is beloved not just in Japan, but throughout the entire world thanks to its unique flavors and its ability to enhance the taste of many different types of food, from fish to tofu. The process of making soy sauce is intense and begins with five essential ingredients: soy beans, water, wheat, sea salt, and yeast. The very first step manufacturers take when producing soy sauce is to heat the beans, rinse them, and then boil them before combining them with wheat.

    As you will see in this video, once the beans and wheat are combined, workers add yeast to the mix, incubate it, and then add a solution of fine sea salt and spring water. This substance is allowed to ferment for up to 12 days before the liquid is squeezed out and bottled.

    If you’re a big fan of soy sauce and Japanese cuisine, be sure to visit San Jose’s House of Genji. To learn more about our steakhouse, visit our website or call us at (408) 453-8120.

  • Healthy Lunch Options for Vegetarians and Meat-Eaters at House of Genji

    Here at House of Genji, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of delicious lunch and dinner options to accommodate every diner’s diet and taste. Our menus are filled with a number of entrees, appetizers, and side dishes that are nutritious as well as delicious. Keep reading to discover some of the healthy lunch options for vegetarians and meat-eaters that are available at House of Genji.

    Time for Lunch

    Protein-Packed Dishes
    Although many people save their biggest meal for dinnertime, plenty of research has shown that it is in fact wiser to eat the most at lunchtime in order to keep the metabolism going and to prevent overeating later in the day. One simple way to  satisfy your hunger at lunch time  and reduce cravings later on is to order nutritious and filling dishes that come with plenty of protein, such as our filet mignon, steak and lobster, or pepper beef teriyaki dishes.

    Antioxidant-Rich Seafood Items
    If meat is not a food you like eating, you may enjoy our healthy and tasty seafood lunch options, such as the tuna sashimi sushi, the ahi tataki, or our scallops and calamari platters. Not only are fish and other seafood items light and easy to consume in the middle of the day, but they’re also a great source of antioxidants like vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids.

    Veggie-Filled Salads
    Even if you don’t have a lot of time to eat your lunch during a busy work day, you can still enjoy a healthy dish thanks to our quick lunch and salad options. Our rice noodle salad is a particular favorite for those with food allergies and those who opt to follow a special diet, as it is gluten-free and vegan. We also are proud to offer the ahi tataki and avocado salad as well as a filling yet refreshing Asian fusion chicken salad.

    Whether you’re in the mood for a light sushi roll or a vegan-friendly salad, you will find what suits your taste buds right here at House of Genji. In addition to our impressive lunch menu, we also offer a  delicious dinner menu  that includes many must-try dishes. To learn more about what you can expect when you dine at our Japanese steakhouse, call (408) 453-8120 today.