Boost Flavor and Health with Wasabi

“Wasabiiii!” is not what you heard in those popular Super Bowl halftime show beer commercials a decade or so back. If you like to eat sushi and teppan food, you probably already knew that. And if you already like the taste of the thick green paste that accompanies several Japanese dishes, you may like wasabi even more after reading about its health benefits.


Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Wasabi may help prevent or fight inflammation of the stomach, other muscles and organs, and joints. You may be able to keep your risk of arthritis, gastric inflammation, and other uncomfortable illnesses by incorporating wasabi into your diet more often.

Allergy Relief
Seasonal allergies are a nuisance, and there is only so much that medication does for some allergy sufferers. While eating wasabi will not cause your allergies to cease entirely, mixing it with the soy sauce you dip your sushi into may provide some temporary relief.

Heart Health
Wasabi, like other spicy and pungent ingredients such as chili and garlic, helps lower cholesterol levels. Prevent blood clotting and reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke by indulging in wasabi more frequently.

Reduces Risk of Cancer
Nutrients found in wasabi  may lower one’s risk of breast cancer, skin cancer, and stomach cancer. Make a point to start eating more wasabi now, and it may be one of a few special food products that protects you against future cancer cell growth. Early studies suggest that wasabi may even help kill existing cancer cells.

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