Tips for Eating with Chopsticks

Like many East Asian Countries, Japan inherited several dining customs from China. The most prominent of these is the use of chopsticks. According to the most strict and formal Japanese etiquette, chopsticks are the only acceptable utensils to use for small morsels of solid food. Though you can of course obtain a fork at Japanese restaurants in San Jose, use chopsticks for a more authentic experience.

In your dominant hand, hold the upper chopstick as though it were a writing utensil, firmly but not too tightly. Tuck the other one into the crook of your thumb, and rest it on your ring finger, holding it still. Move only the upper chopstick, and use the very tips lightly to grasp food. When resting your chopsticks, never place them upright into a bowl of food, as this is considered very rude in Japan.

Rice Bowl

Bite-sized teppanyaki morsels or pieces of sushi rolls are easy to eat with chopsticks, and you can practice your chopstick skills with these foods at House of Genji. For table reservations or other inquiries, call us at (408) 453-8120.

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