A Taste Bud-Friendly Tour of Japanese Street Cuisine [INFOGRAPHIC]

Like many places these days, Japan has a thriving culture of street food. Throughout Japan, people line up at the tables, trucks, and stands of vendors for a variety of sweet and savory food options. Some popular street foods might be recognizable from your favorite Japanese restaurant. For instance, yakitori—chicken skewers—aren’t unusual to find in a Japanese restaurant, but the ones served on the streets of Japan may also contain chicken livers and skin. Ramen, or noodle soup with a variety of toppings, may also be familiar and is extremely popular in Japan. Other street foods, like takoyaki, or fried octopus, might be more surprising. Learn more about Japanese dining on the go in this infographic from House of Genji. When you’re hungry for teppanyaki or other Japanese specialties, choose our Japanese restaurant serving San Jose. Get your friends fired up for a tasty and fun Japanese meal by sharing this information with them.

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