• Round Out Your Meal with These Specialty Japanese Side Dishes

    If you enjoy Japanese food, you should explore some of the delicious specialty dishes that Japanese restaurants have to offer. Japanese dining offers an array of healthy, yet savory side dishes and appetizers that will prove to be a delightful complement to your main course.

    Before eating teppanyaki-style chicken or beef, order an appetizer of deep fried pot stickers, served with soy sauce and rice vinegar for dipping. If you opt for the seafood combo, which contains fresh sea scallops, buttery lobster tails, and grilled prawns, consider a side dish of sliced, seared Ahi tuna. The ginger-soy sauce that lightly coats the tuna will be a surprising burst of flavor that nicely complements your seafood platter.

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  • The History of the Cherry Blossom in Japanese Culture

    If you visit Japanese restaurants regularly, you’ve probably noticed that many decorating motifs incorporate cherry blossoms. The importance of the cherry blossom in Japanese culture can be traced back hundreds of years, and it symbolizes the fragile and beautiful nature of life. If you enjoy Japanese food and culture, keep reading for a brief history of the cherry blossom.

    Early References to Cherry Blossoms
    The earliest references to Japanese cherry blossoms are connected to Japanese folk religions, when cherry blossoms were considered a symbol of fertility and new life. People would travel into the mountains in the spring to worship the cherry trees. The first written reference to cherry blossoms can be found in the Kojiki, which describes the cherry blossom ceremonies and celebrations that began during the Tang Dynasty.

    The Cherry Tree as a Gift of Friendship
    In 1912, the cherry blossom was used as a symbol of friendship when Japan gifted 3,000 cherry trees to the United States. The Japanese government sent the cherry trees to Washington, D.C. to show the country’s respect for U.S. president William Taft. Since that time, the Japanese government has sent cherry trees to Brazil, China, Germany and Turkey as gifts of friendship.

    Cherry Blossoms as a Symbol of Hope
    In 2011, a tsunami and earthquake ravaged the Pacific coast of Japan. Thousands of people were killed, injured, or missing after the natural disaster. The growth of cherry trees in the region after the tragedy was seen as a symbol of hope, rebirth, and renewal. It encouraged the country to rebuild after the devastation and destruction.

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  • A Guide to Visiting Sapporo

    Sapporo is the capital of the Japanese island state of Hokkaido. This vibrant, colorful city is home to many exciting cultural attractions and modern entertainment. If you visit in the summer, you can enjoy the city’s annual beer festival. In the winter, you’ll catch their amazing ice sculptures.

    Watch this video to learn more about Sapporo’s attractions. This travel guide highlights Odori Park, Tanukijoki Shopping Street, the Sapporo Beer Museum, the Central Fish Market, and Ramen Alley.

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  • A Closer Look at Etiquette in Japan

    One of the most exciting parts about visiting an authentic Japanese restaurant is witnessing and participating in the customs of Japanese dining. You can watch chefs prepare delicious teppanyaki-style Japanese food on a Hibachi grill right in front of you. If you regularly visit Japanese steakhouses, take a look at these interesting rules of etiquette in Japan before your next Japanese dining experience.

    Chopsticks Japanese Dining Customs
    In Japan, slurping your noodles or soup is an expression of satisfaction. However, you should never belch while enjoying Japanese food, as it is considered very rude. To show your respect for the chef, you should eat everything on the plate, and put your dishes back into the position that they were originally served in. Each piece of sushi should be consumed in one bite. While most Japanese food can be eaten with chopsticks, you can pick your bowl of soup and drink from it.

    Beverage and Cocktail Lounge Manners
    According to Japanese dining customs, it is impolite to pour your own beverage. You should pour drinks for others in order of seniority, and another guest will pour your drink for you. Everyone should take their first sip together as a sign of respect, after which you can toast each other. On special occasions, the youngest member of the party serves the guests.

    Dining with Chopsticks
    When dining with chopsticks, you should always place the pointed ends of the chopsticks on a chopstick rest next to your plate when they’re not in use. Do not stick the chopsticks into your food, or place them crossed on a table. When sharing food with others, use a new, clean set of chopsticks to get food from the communal dish.

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  • A Perfect Night out Starts at House of Genji

    The elements of a great Japanese restaurant are a delicious meal, lively entertainment, great service, and an elegant atmosphere. All of these can be found at House of Genji, a Japanese steakhouse and cocktail lounge in San Jose, California.

    House of Genji is the perfect place to experience the art of Teppan-yaki dining—where our chefs entertain guests by juggling and flipping cutlery as they prepare each meal. We only use the finest ingredients and aim to provide guests with a memorable experience filled with authentic Japanese cuisine and culture. We also offer a selection of cocktails, seafood, steak, and sushi for everyone to enjoy. Getting some fine food and Japanese drinks is the perfect way to start a night out with friends or family.

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