• What Is the Etiquette of Dining Teppanyaki-Style?

    Traditional Japanese steakhouses offer guests an authentic teppanyaki-style dining experience. Japanese food cooked teppanyaki-style is prepared on a hibachi grill directly in front of a table of guests. The tables are arranged around the hibachi grill in a u-shape, and diners often end up sitting next to other guests who aren’t in their party, creating a family-style seating atmosphere.

    For this reason, the etiquette at a teppanyaki-style Japanese steakhouse is often different from that at other Japanese restaurants. Diners should speak quietly among themselves, and be polite and courteous to others around them. You should respect the space of the person next to you, and never reach over him or her to get something. While you will see the other guests’ Japanese food prepared, you should not question other diners about their meal choices or ask to try their food.

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  • Take a Peek Inside the High-Fashion World of Tokyo’s Harajuku District

    Japan is rich with endlessly fascinating customs, traditions, fashion, and entertainment. If you’re planning a visit to Japan, you should include a visit to Tokyo’s Harajuku District. In the Harajuku District, you can experience Japanese dining and fashion at its finest.

    Watch this video to learn more about the amazing Harajuku fashion in Japan. Whether you’re in one of the Harajuku District’s famous Japanese restaurants or cocktail lounges, you’re sure to see some fabulous, high-fashion outfits.

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  • Understanding Forms of Japanese Cuisine

    If you enjoy fine Japanese dining, you may be interested in learning more about the delicious Japanese food you eat so often. Authentic Japanese food is flavorful and varied, and a traditional Japanese restaurant should provide typical Japanese dishes that are infused with the chef’s own personal flair. Here are descriptions of Japanese food that is commonly found on the menus of respected Japanese restaurants and Japanese steakhouses.

    Authentic Japanese Sushi

    Authentic Japanese sushi is only made from the finest, freshest raw fish that has been delicately and expertly prepared by a master of Japanese food. Traditional sushi ingredients include tuna, squid, and prawns. Sushi is often served next to or on top of vinegared rice, pickled ginger or radishes, wasabi, cucumber, or a sweet egg omelet. Raw fish that is served without a garnish is called sashimi. Sushi can also be prepared by wrapping fresh fish or vegetables and vinegared rice in dried seaweed.

    Traditional Teppanyaki-Style Japanese Food

    Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese food that utilizes a hibachi grill or teppanyaki grill to cook meat, eggs, rice, and vegetables. Chefs at Japanese steakhouses will prepare and cook a variety of Japanese dishes on a teppanyaki grill that is directly in front of the diners’ tables. Teppanyaki dishes include beef, shrimp, scallops, lobster, chicken, and vegetables that are grilled with soybean oil. The dishes may also include rice or noodles cooked in vegetable oil or peanut oil.

    Japanese Soba and Udon Noodles

    You will often see soba noodles and udon noodles on the menu at traditional Japanese restaurants. Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour, and udon noodles are made from wheat flour. Both noodles are typically served in a flavorful pork broth along with eggs and fresh vegetables, or are stir-fried with vegetables and meat.

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  • Cultural Advice for New Travelers to Japan

    Traveling to Japan gives you the opportunity to experience authentic Japanese dining, customs, and entertainment. Before embarking on your trip, find out which Japanese restaurants and attractions you won’t want to miss. You should also take note of these common cultural customs you may encounter.

    Japanese Dining Customs and Table Manners

    Whether you’re eating at someone’s home or in a Japanese steakhouse, there are certain Japanese dining customs you’ll need to follow. For instance, don’t take a sip of your drink until everyone has been served. Once everyone’s glasses are full, someone will raise his glass for a toast, and everyone drinks at once. Japanese restaurants provide wet cloths for washing your hands before eating, and these shouldn’t ever touch your mouth or face. It’s customary in Japanese dining for guests to slurp their soup or raise bowls of Japanese food to their faces to make eating with chopsticks easier.

    Eating With Chopsticks at a Japanese Restaurant

    Japanese restaurants always provide chopsticks to their Japanese dining patrons. The majority of Japanese food, with the exception of soups and rice, is very easy to eat with chopsticks. Before leaving for Japan, practice eating a variety of Japanese food with chopsticks, including rice, sushi, and teppanyaki or hibachi style chicken and beef.

    Expectations About Tipping for Service in Japan

    No one who works in the service industry in Japan expects to receive a tip from a guest, including servers in Japanese restaurants, bartenders in Japanese cocktail lounges, cab drivers, or hairdressers. In fact, trying to tip someone is typically seen as insulting in the Japanese culture. The price listed or given to you is the extent of the price you’re expected to pay.

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