What to Expect When You Order Teppanyaki at House of Genji

Teppanyaki is a type of Japanese cuisine that has been popular in the country for decades. Keep reading to learn what you can expect when you visit House of Genji for a teppanyaki meal.

A Dinner and a Show

Ordering teppanyaki at House of Genji means that you get to enjoy dinner and a show at the same time. This means that going out for a teppanyaki meal is an excellent way to celebrate special events or have a fun night with family or coworkers. At our Japanese steakhouse, we specialize in providing our customers with exceptional teppanyaki food that is prepared and served with flair. While enjoying teppanyaki at our restaurant, you will learn that dinner can double as an entertaining spectacle.

A Memorable Dining Experience

If you’re unfamiliar with teppanyaki dining, then you are in for a treat when you make a reservation at House of Genji. Teppanyaki is prepared on a large, flat grill, and the grill is located right in the middle of your table. After your party is seated and everyone has ordered their dishes, your teppanyaki chef will arrive with all the necessary ingredients. Then, right before your eyes, your chef will cook each dish and serve them as they are prepared.

A Variety of Options

There is something for just about anyone when it comes to teppanyaki dining. Some of the delicious foods that you can order for your teppanyaki meal at House of Genji include filet mignon, New York steak, calamari, lobster, tuna, salmon, prawns, and scallops. You can also order tofu and vegetable options, as well as choose from a variety of delicious side dishes, like pot-stickers, fried rice, and tempura. Finally, you can look forward to finishing off your meal with some fresh fruit or ice cream.

If you have a craving for teppanyaki in San Jose, then come and see us at House of Genji, where we’ve been serving Japanese food with flair since 1971. Please call (408) 453-8120 to make your reservation.

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