Exploring Traditional Japanese Sweets

When dining at your favorite Japanese restaurant, you may have seen types of wagashi , which are traditional Japanese sweets, listed on the menu. Keep reading to learn about some popular types of wagashi .


Made from little, sweet rice dumplings that are boiled and grilled, dango is served on a skewer and can be enjoyed plain or flavored with things likes sesame seeds, sweet soy sauce, red bean paste, soy four, and matcha green tea. This chewy type of wagashi is standard fare at festivals in Japan.


Daifuku are little cakes that have a soft, outer layer of rice cake that is dusted in flour, and a smooth, sweet filling. The rice cake can be made in a variety of shapes and colors, and some popular filling varieties include sweet red beans, ice cream, ume paste, fresh strawberries, and matcha cream.


Manju is a type of steamed pastry that is often made with wheat flour and filled with sweet red bean paste. This dessert can be made in various shapes but is usually in the form of a small, round cake.


Warabimochi is a traditional Japanese dessert that has a sweet a nutty flavor, a jelly-like consistency, and is covered with a powdery coating. The jelly part is made using starch from warabi bracken, which is a type of fern, and the powder is made from soybeans.


Like most wagashi , namagashi were developed to be served during tea ceremonies, but these desserts are higher in moisture content than many other wagashi varieties. These little cakes are often formed into colorful and elegant designs and filled with ingredients like chestnuts, fruit jellies, and sweet bean paste.


Dorayaki are made using two round, flat, sponge cakes that traditionally have a red bean paste filling in the middle. However, this sweet, sandwich-like treat can also be found with fillings like custard, ice cream, and whipped cream.

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