Top Foods to Try When You Visit Japan

Visiting another country gives you the opportunity to try some of your favorite dishes right where they originated. If you love to dine at Japanese restaurants in your hometown, then continue reading to learn some of the top foods that you should try when visiting Japan.


For many fans of Japanese food and culture, it goes without saying that sushi is a must-try when visiting Japan. During your stay, you should have no trouble finding makizushi , which you may know as sushi rolls, made with ingredients like cucumber, avocado, and tuna, as well as salmon, squid, and tuna nigiri , which is raw fish served over a small portion of formed rice.


If you enjoy eating sushi , then sashimi should certainly be on your list of foods to try while in Japan. Sashimi is made with raw fish, like many types of sushi , but it is not served with rice. Instead, sashimi, which is raw fish or meat, is served only with condiments like soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger.


Full of different flavors, textures, and colors, sukiyaki is a traditional Japanese entrée that features a variety of ingredients that are stewed in a soy sauce broth. While this dish has many variations, some of the most common ingredients that are used to make sukiyaki include beef, cabbage, leeks, mushrooms, tofu, spinach, carrots, and shirataki noodles.


In Japan, there are restaurants and bars that specialize in serving yakitori , which is chicken that is seasoned, skewered, and barbecued. Be sure to stop by one of these locations and give yakitori a try.


You are bound to enjoy a bowl of authentic ramen in Japan far more than you have any packaged or microwavable varieties that you have tried. This dish is typically made with ramen noodles served in a broth along with ingredients like pork, chicken, eggs, spinach, scallions, garlic, and mushrooms.

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