Catch a Glimpse of Nightlife in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan is one of the most famous cities in the world, and tourists and locals alike enjoy the Japanese restaurants, bars, and clubs that make up the nightlife. Watch this video for a glimpse of nightlife in Tokyo.

If it’s your first time in Tokyo, head to Roppongi. This is a hotspot for tourists because locals are so friendly towards Gaijin, or foreigners. Bars like Agave and R2 make for a great place to start your first trip. An izakaya, which translates to “stay-in liquor shop”, is a more traditional type of meeting spot, and it tends to be more affordable than other upscale restaurants and bars.

There are plenty of cocktail lounges in Tokyo, but if you’re looking for a Japanese restaurant serving San Jose, head to House of Genji. We offer delectable Japanese dining and a taste of what Tokyo has to offer, so call us at (408) 453-8120.

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