Answering FAQs About Yukatas

Kimonos are easily recognizable as traditional Japanese clothing to many people, but yukatas are less well-known. They look similar to kimonos, but they are worn at different times and are made of different materials. If you travel to Japan, you may encounter many yukatas, depending on the time of year of your trip. There, you’ll see them everywhere, from people dining on Japanese food in hotel restaurants to fireworks displays. Here are the answers to some questions that people often have about yukatas.

How are yukatas different from kimonos?

Yukatas look very similar to kimonos, but they are not the same. While kimonos are made of silk, yukatas are made from lighter fabrics, including cotton, and are usually designed using brighter colors than kimonos. Yukatas also have fewer layers than kimonos. Because of the lighter fabrics and layers, yukatas are worn in the summertime to many of the same places people might wear kimonos at other times of the year. Yukatas are also significantly more affordable than kimonos, which means that more people have them and wear them.

How do I put on a yukata?

The first step is to put the yukata on as you would a robe. Be sure to put the right side underneath the left side. Putting the right side of clothing over the left is done when the dead are prepared for burial and should never be done in life. After the yukata is wrapped appropriately, tie the obi, or sash, around your waist. Start with the ends towards your back, and end by tying the obi in a bow in the front.

When should I wear a yukata?

Traditional Japanese hotels often give yukatas to guests to wear around the property and in the neighboring towns. They are also traditionally worn to festivals, fireworks displays, and at Japanese hot bath facilities.

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