Sake Breweries You Can Tour in Japan

For many people who visit Japan, drinking sake is an important part of experiencing the culture. Not only can you enjoy sake alongside Japanese food in most restaurants, but you can also get a behind-the-scenes look at how sake is made by visiting various breweries across the country for tours. Not all sake breweries allow visitors, but many welcome guests for tours and tastings. Note that most sake brewing happens during winter, because breweries rely on the cold weather to maintain the cold temperatures needed for the fermentation process. Here are some of the breweries you can tour in Japan to see how sake is made.

Suehiro Sake Brewery

The Suehiro Sake Brewery is located in Fukushima Prefecture, and it is one of the most popular sake breweries in the country. Suehiro sake has received many awards in Japan and overseas, which is why it is such a popular destination. They offer a tour of the brewery that shows how they use the Yamahai method to create their sake, though be advised that the tour is only offered in Japanese. If you don’t want to do the tour, you can still visit the brewery to see their museum, enjoy their tasting bar, and purchase sake from their gift shop.

Sawanotsuru Sake Museum

Located in Kobe in the Hyogo Prefecture, the Sawanotsuru Sake Museum offers both a historical look at the history of the beverage and a tour of the in-house Sawanotsuru brewery. The tours are free, but if you are coming with a large group, make a reservation to avoid missing out on a tour.

Ishikawa Brewery

The Ishikawa Brewery offers something for everyone, since they brew both sake and beer. On tours of the brewery in Tokyo, you will get to sample a variety of their products and purchase the ones you like. You will need to reserve a spot on the tour at least one day in advance.

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