Japanese Good Luck Charms: Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko—sometimes called Fortune Cat—is a staple in many Japanese restaurants and stores. Maneki Neko is supposed to bring good luck to its owners, which is the reason for its popularity. The waving cat is often found by cash registers in order to attract fortune.

Maneki Neko literally means beckoning cat in Japanese. In English, in addition to Fortune Cat, it is sometimes called Welcoming Cat, Lucky Cat, and Money Cat. If the cat’s left paw is raised, Maneki Neko is said to attract customers. If the right paw is raised, it is said to attract money. Sometimes, both paws are raised, which is said to attract money and customers and to offer protection. The colors on the Maneki Neko also have special meanings. For example, red is for success in love and green is for good health.

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