Planning Your Business Lunch Meeting at House of Genji

Your business lunch has to be productive, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be enjoyable. House of Genji offers a comprehensive lunch of menu of hibachi, teppanyaki, and much more, so there is something for everyone in your group. Whether you want something light to get you through the afternoon or a more substantial meal to fuel you for a demanding day ahead, you’ll find it on our lunch menu.


Are you planning a business lunch designed to court a new client or network with a potential contact? Make lunchtime fun with a traditional teppanyaki meal that will break the ice and get everyone relaxed. If you need some time to concentrate on a major project, grab a table for a hibachi meal or a salad while you work.


Choose House of Genji for your next business lunch. You can learn more about our Japanese restaurant in San Jose, including our lunch menu, by calling (408) 453-8120.


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