• Try Something New with a Cocktail Inspired by Cherry Blossoms

    Many people like to try new drinks when visiting a Japanese restaurant or cocktail lounge. Hanami is a Japanese tradition of flower viewing as the sakura , or cherry blossoms, open in the spring. Watch this video to see how two cherry blossom-inspired cocktails are made.

    The Hanami Bellini Cocktail is a sparkling sake drink that is rich with cherry and lime flavors and features Tanqueray gin. The Sakuratini Cocktail boasts cherry and citrus flavors and includes sake, vodka, and cranberry juice.

    At House of Genji, our Japanese restaurant serving San Jose has a cocktail lounge where you can relax and try something new tonight. For more information about our Japanese steakhouse or the cocktails that we offer, please call (408) 453-8120.

  • The Importance of Cherry Blossoms in Japan

    Cherry blossoms, called sakura in Japanese, are revered and beloved in Japan. These iconic flowers are deeply rooted in the country’s culture. In Japan, you might see paintings of cherry blossoms decorating the walls of many places, including Japanese restaurants and peoples’ offices and homes. Once per year, for a short time, the cherry blossom trees burst into bloom and are enjoyed in their true form.


    Cherry blossom trees begin to grow flower buds in March, and come into full bloom in early April. Japan’s fiscal and academic years both begin in spring, coinciding with the opening of the cherry blossoms. Many businesses hire and welcome new employees in April, and many graduates begin their first jobs. In Japan, cherry blossoms represent hope and renewal as the cold of winter fades and many people embrace new beginnings.


    Each year, Japan celebrates the arrival of the cherry blossoms with flower-viewing parties, called hanami . As the blossoms open, beginning at the southern tip of Japan and moving northward, friends and families gather beneath the cherry trees to eat traditional Japanese food and enjoy the spectacle. This custom is more than a thousand years old. After a few short days, the blossoms wilt and fall, symbolizing how beautiful but fleeting life can be.


    More than the country’s national flower, the cherry blossom is considered to be a symbol of goodwill and friendship. In 1912, Japan gifted more than 3,000 cherry trees to the city of Washington, D.C. Today, the city celebrates the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival every spring, a reflection of Japan’s own hanami tradition.

    Cherry blossoms hold great significance in Japan, their arrival in spring often celebrated with traditional food and drink. The House of Genji Japanese restaurant offers distinctive Japanese cuisine with flare, cooking your meal to order right at your table. For a taste of Japanese dining and teppanyaki in San Jose, call (408) 453-8120 and schedule a reservation.