• What Is Dashi?

    While ordering at a Japanese restaurant, you may learn that several of the available dishes are made using something called dashi. A simple broth that serves as a cornerstone in Japanese dining, dashi is typically made using water, bonito (fish) flakes, and kombu (dried kelp).

    Dashi is used to add flavor to everything from miso soup and vegetables to tofu and fish. Most commonly, this broth serves as the base for clear soups, but it is also used for simmering dishes and poaching eggs. Also, warm dashi is often served alone to provide nutrition and comfort someone who is sick or struggling with poor digestion. Typically, dashi is made by soaking kombu in water overnight or bringing it to a boil. Then, the kombu is removed, and the liquid is simmered with the bonito flakes before being strained.

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