• Visiting Kyoto’s Arashyama District

    The Arashyama District is located in Western Kyoto. It is best known for being the home of the iconic bamboo forest, but it has many other attractions to boast, from temples to excellent Japanese food.


    Watch this video to learn more about visiting the district. The Tenyruji Temple is a UNSECO World Heritage Site that welcomes visitors daily. People also love to see the Togetsukyo Bridge and the mountain trails that surround the region.


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  • Budgeting for Your Trip to Japan

    Many people who are eager to travel to Japan are worried about the cost of the trip. Japan has a reputation for being a very expensive destination, but in reality, there are lots of ways to experience the country on a budget, with low-cost options for Japanese food, hotels, and more.

    Watch this video for advice on traveling to Japan while sticking to a budget. Because Japan has recently experienced a tourism boom, lots of low-cost domestic travel, food, and accommodation options have appeared. With a little planning and research, you can save a significant amount of money.

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  • A Look at Craft Whiskey Culture in Japan

    When most people think of craft whiskey, they think of Scotland, but Japan has a thriving scene of whiskey distilleries. In fact, a Japanese brand of scotch has recently been named the best in the world, beating out Scottish single malts for the first time.

    Watch this video to learn more about craft whiskey culture in Japan. Although they are tight-lipped about their secrets, they credit the clean water of Japan as one of their secret ingredients.

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  • Off-the-Radar Places to Visit in Japan

    If you’re visiting Japan, you will naturally want to see all of the usual tourist attractions, such as eating Japanese food at some of the top restaurants in Tokyo or exploring Mt. Fuji. However, there are plenty of off-the-radar places that deserve your attention as well. Visiting these places will give you a unique spin on the tourist experience in Japan and give you plenty of stories to share about unbelievable places once you’ve returned home. Consider putting some of these unusual places in Japan on your itinerary.

    Wisteria Tunnel

    You can find the Wisteria Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, which is easily reachable on the Shinkansen. The tunnel features a long pathway of hanging, pastel wisteria flowers, with benches along the way to enjoy the view. The best time of year to visit is April and May, during the Fuji Matsuri festival. This is the time at which the wisterias are in full bloom. Keep in mind that the flowers don’t bloom all year long, so check with a local before you go to avoid disappointment.

    Tashirojima Island

    If you’re a cat lover, Tashirojima Island, or Cat Island, as it is sometimes called, cannot be missed. There are fewer than 100 people living on the island, but an enormous population of feral cats roams freely. The cats are well cared for and considered to be a symbol of luck. Visitors to the island can bring food and treats for the cats to bring luck to themselves.

    Sagano Bamboo Forest

    The Sanago Bamboo Forest is only a 30-minute journey from Kyoto, and although it is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, you can still find quiet spaces among the sky-high bamboo stalks. The sound of the bamboo stalks knocking together as the wind rushes between them is a governmentally recognized soundscape in Japan.

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  • Answering FAQs About Visiting Japan

    If you have an upcoming visit to Japan planned, you’ll have the opportunity to experience vibrant Japanese dining, culture, entertainment, and customs. Before you leave the United States, you must be sure that you are aware of everything you need to do in order to have a safe and successful vacation in Japan. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about visiting Japan.

    Is It Difficult to Get Around if You Don’t Speak Japanese?

    Most people in Japan speak English, and many Americans also live in the country. Whether you’re visiting a Japanese restaurant, museum, or store, people who speak both English and Japanese will offer you service. Most signs, public announcements, and menus are printed in both English and Japanese, as well.

    Is Japan Expensive?

    The largest cities in Japan are not any more expensive than other large cities. There are plenty of Japanese dining, entertainment, and hotel accommodations for those traveling on a budget. If you take care to plan well ahead of time, you shouldn’t encounter any problems sticking to a budget while traveling in Japan.

    Is Traveling Alone in Japan Safe?

    Japan has one of the lowest crime rates of anyplace in the world, so it shouldn’t be dangerous to travel alone. You should take normal precautions when traveling, however, as you would in any foreign country. Make sure that a friend or family member has a copy of your travel itinerary, and check in with the American Embassy when you arrive in Japan. Don’t accept rides or drinks from strangers, and don’t carry all of your cash with you when you’re out sightseeing. Don’t ever leave your bags unattended, and be aware of the closest emergency service available in each area you travel through.

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