• How to Enjoy Your First Sashimi Meal

    When you take your family and friends out to the local Japanese restaurant, why not try something new and exciting Traditional Japanese food usually includes delectable pieces of sashimi—raw fish pieces without rice. Here are some easy ways to enjoy your sashimi.

    Be Adventurous

    Dining at your local Japanese restaurant should be an adventurous experience for the whole family. When you try out the various dishes—such as miso soup, green tea ice cream, and sashimi—don’t be afraid to branch out of your comfort zone. Sashimi orders can offer a variety of raw fish to try. Tuna and salmon are the most common offerings because they smell and taste milder, compared to other sashimi orders. However, to really enjoy your sashimi meal, try out some of the other options, like mackerel or yellowtail. Sometimes, you can have fish eggs in place of sashimi; these little eggs, either from salmon or sea urchins, are considered delicacies in Japan and in the United States.

    Spice It Up

    If you have experienced Japanese dining before, you have probably noticed a small dollop of light green paste accompanying your meal. This is Japanese horseradish, traditionally called wasabi. Often, people will mix a very small amount of wasabi with their soy sauce because wasabi is very hot and spicy. When you receive your sashimi, feel free to dip it in your soy-wasabi mixture. Don’t soak the fish piece, though. You are there to appreciate the fish, not the wasabi or soy sauce.

    Use Proper Etiquette

    It is customary to use chopsticks to handle your sashimi. Typically, you won’t find a knife and fork at a Japanese restaurant. Using silverware can be misconstrued as an insult to the chef. By using silverware, you are saying the meat is too tough to use chopsticks, which is considered a big no-no in Japanese culture.

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