• Exploring the History of Teppanyaki

    If you have ever been to a teppanyaki restaurant, then you know the performance is just as important as the food. Although today’s teppanyaki dining usually happens in restaurants with large groups of diners, its origins are in the home, where people gathered together over small grills to cook and eat their meals. Generally, teppanyaki restaurants are more popular in the U.S. than in Japan, but the techniques and flavors used are steeped in Japanese traditions.

    The Rise of Teppanyaki Restaurants

    Originally, teppanyaki was a style of cooking that was performed on small, flat grill tops at home. In fact, the work teppan means “iron plate” while the word yaki means “grill.” This style of cooking was not done for entertainment’s sake but was simply a way of preparing family meals. However, in 1945, the first teppanyaki restaurant, called Misono, opened up in Tokyo. The restaurant was not popular with locals in Japan, who did not like the group dining style of the meals. However, it was instantly embraced by Westerners who were in Japan after the end of WWII and by tourists who visited the country. They fell in love with the showmanship of the flipping knives and flaming onion volcanoes, and soon, Misono became a chain throughout Japan.

    Teppanyaki Restaurants in the West

    Westerners loved teppanyaki so much that soon the restaurant concept moved outside of Japan to Western countries. Benihana was the first teppanyaki restaurant in the U.S. It opened its doors in New York in 1964 and is now a national restaurant chain. Many teppanyaki restaurants in the U.S. are referred to as Japanese steakhouses and complement their teppanyaki menus with other Japanese foods, including hibachi entrees and sushi. Japanese cocktails and sakes are other staples of most teppanyaki restaurants.

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  • Top Occasions for Teppanyaki Dining

    Unlike most dining options, teppanyaki offers you something unique by allowing you to see your meal prepared right at your table. This cooking style is full of fun and flare and is an excellent choice for many occasions. The following are just a few of the times when you should consider teppanyaki for your next meal out.

    Birthday Dinners

    Whether it is with friends or with family, going out for a meal on your birthday is a fun indulgence that can be delicious and satisfying as well. If you have a birthday coming up, then have your friends and family join you for a teppanyaki dining experience. When you gather around the large griddle, you can converse with the guests in your party while enjoying the impressive displays of your teppanyaki chef.

    Office Get-Togethers

    Are you tired of hitting the same dining spots with your coworkers? While going out for a meal can always be enjoyable, eating the same types of food over and over can become tedious. To switch it up, suggest teppanyaki and Japanese food the next time that you and your team head out for a meal together. Choosing this unique dining style will allow you to build memories with your coworkers while enjoying a tasty meal at the same time.

    Celebration Dinners

    Did someone in your family recently get a promotion? Or perhaps your child made varsity or got an excellent report card. Going out for dinner is a favorite way for families to celebrate achievements like these. Enjoying a restaurant meal allows everyone to enjoy the occasion and order what they would like to try. Choosing teppanyaki for your family’s special night out is an easy way to guarantee a tasty meal and a fun time for everyone.

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  • What Is the Etiquette of Dining Teppanyaki-Style?

    Traditional Japanese steakhouses offer guests an authentic teppanyaki-style dining experience. Japanese food cooked teppanyaki-style is prepared on a hibachi grill directly in front of a table of guests. The tables are arranged around the hibachi grill in a u-shape, and diners often end up sitting next to other guests who aren’t in their party, creating a family-style seating atmosphere.

    For this reason, the etiquette at a teppanyaki-style Japanese steakhouse is often different from that at other Japanese restaurants. Diners should speak quietly among themselves, and be polite and courteous to others around them. You should respect the space of the person next to you, and never reach over him or her to get something. While you will see the other guests’ Japanese food prepared, you should not question other diners about their meal choices or ask to try their food.

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