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Answering Common Questions About Karaoke in Japan

After enjoying a meal at a Japanese restaurant, heading to a karaoke facility is a popular option for many people in Japan. If you’re curious about this activity, then read on to learn the answers to common questions about karaoke in Japan.

What is karaoke?

Karaoke is a singing activity that originated in Japan and has become popular in many other countries. In Japan, karaoke often serves as a social activity that is great for stress relief and entertainment.

Where is Karaoke performed in Japan?

Like in the United States, karaoke bars are an option in Japan. However, karaoke boxes are often more popular and prevalent. You can typically find karaoke boxes in busy metro areas.

What is a karaoke box?

Various chain stores in Japan offer karaoke boxes, which are sound-proofed rooms that people can rent by the half hour and use for karaoke. In these rooms, individuals, pairs, and groups can sing their favorite songs in a private space. When renting a karaoke box, you can typically order drinks and food to enjoy while there.

What happens during karaoke?

Of course, there is lots of singing involved in karaoke. After renting a karaoke box in Japan, you enter the room and then select a song to sing. Some locations offer instruments like tambourines and maracas that can be used, as well.

Does karaoke have rules in Japan?

While karaoke doesn’t have rules, there is etiquette associated with this activity. For example, it’s important to wait your turn, to let others pick songs, and for everyone to choose songs that the rest of the group will enjoy. Also, while someone is singing, it’s best not to look bored or use your phone. Finally, don’t be shy and join in on the karaoke fun!

Come and get a taste of Japanese culture at House of Genji, where we offer a cocktail lounge and teppanyaki in San Jose. To schedule your reservation with our Japanese steakhouse, please call (408) 453-8120.

What to Expect When You Order Teppanyaki at House of Genji

Teppanyaki is a type of Japanese cuisine that has been popular in the country for decades. Keep reading to learn what you can expect when you visit House of Genji for a teppanyaki meal.

A Dinner and a Show

Ordering teppanyaki at House of Genji means that you get to enjoy dinner and a show at the same time. This means that going out for a teppanyaki meal is an excellent way to celebrate special events or have a fun night with family or coworkers. At our Japanese steakhouse, we specialize in providing our customers with exceptional teppanyaki food that is prepared and served with flair. While enjoying teppanyaki at our restaurant, you will learn that dinner can double as an entertaining spectacle.

A Memorable Dining Experience

If you’re unfamiliar with teppanyaki dining, then you are in for a treat when you make a reservation at House of Genji. Teppanyaki is prepared on a large, flat grill, and the grill is located right in the middle of your table. After your party is seated and everyone has ordered their dishes, your teppanyaki chef will arrive with all the necessary ingredients. Then, right before your eyes, your chef will cook each dish and serve them as they are prepared.

A Variety of Options

There is something for just about anyone when it comes to teppanyaki dining. Some of the delicious foods that you can order for your teppanyaki meal at House of Genji include filet mignon, New York steak, calamari, lobster, tuna, salmon, prawns, and scallops. You can also order tofu and vegetable options, as well as choose from a variety of delicious side dishes, like pot-stickers, fried rice, and tempura. Finally, you can look forward to finishing off your meal with some fresh fruit or ice cream.

If you have a craving for teppanyaki in San Jose, then come and see us at House of Genji, where we’ve been serving Japanese food with flair since 1971. Please call (408) 453-8120 to make your reservation.

Round Out Your Meal with Some of Our Delicious Side Dishes

When it comes to finding delicious and entertaining Japanese dining, look no further than House of Genji, where we offer teppanyaki, sushi, and creative cocktails. To round out your meal at our Japanese restaurant, choose from the following side dishes that we offer:

  • Edamame Boiled soy beans in pods
  • Age-gyoza Japanese-style, deep-fried pot stickers
  • Ahe tataki Sliced and seared ahi tuna dipped in a ginger soy sauce
  • Tempura Shrimp and vegetables deep-fried in a light batter
  • Vegetable tempura A mix of deep-fried vegetables
  • Panko wings Tender chicken wings that are breaded and deep-fried
  • Tofu Agedashi tofu with traditional broth or our sweet and spicy sauce

You can also choose from our scallop sauté, calamari sauté, deep-fried calamari, shrimp sauté, Genji soup, and Genji salad.

Are you ready to enjoy delicious Japanese dining in San Jose? If so, then call House of Genji today at (408) 453-8120 to make your reservation with our Japanese steakhouse.

What You Need to Know Before Visiting Japan

Do you love dining at Japanese restaurants and want to visit Japan one day? If so, then check out this video to learn ten things you should know beforehand.

  1. You should get Wi-Fi connection information.
  2. You don’t need to reply when people greet you at shops and restaurants.
  3. Many Japanese cannot speak English.
  4. Japanese take off their shoes when entering homes and certain establishments.
  5. It’s better to use post office ATMs.
  6. Sizes run smaller in Japan.
  7. There aren’t many vegetarian restaurants.
  8. You can’t always take leftovers home.
  9. Rush hour trains are crowded.
  10. You don’t need to tip.

House of Genji is a Japanese steakhouse that features a cocktail lounge, teppanyaki dining, and a broad range of authentic Japanese dishes. If you would like to learn more, you can reach our Japanese restaurant in San Jose by calling (408) 453-8120.

Shake Up Your Sake Habit with These Cocktails

For many people, Japanese dining and sake go hand-in-hand. If you frequently order this rice wine when you visit Japanese restaurants and want to enjoy it in new ways, then keep reading for some for some sake cocktail ideas.

Cherry Sake Cocktail

Can’t quite let go of summer? If so, then the cherry sake cocktail is for you. To make this fruity drink, you will need frozen cherries, sake, and ginger ale. To give the drink a more enticing appearance, add just a couple of drops of red food coloring.

Sake Champagne Mojito

If you enjoy traditional mojitos, then don’t pass up on the sake champagne mojito. For this recipe, you’ll need sake, extra dry champagne, fresh mint, lime juice, and liquid stevia. After muddling the mint, stevia, and lime juice, add the sake and champagne, stir, and serve over ice.

Raspberry Sake Tea

For something sweet, fruity, and fresh, consider trying a raspberry sake tea cocktail. This simple drink uses just raspberry flavored tea bags, sugar, water, and sake. The tea should first be brewed and then mixed with the sugar and left to cool in the refrigerator. To serve, mix in the sake and pour over ice. For added appeal, toss in a handful or fresh raspberries.

Kyoho Cobbler

If you want to make a visual statement, then the Kyoho cobbler hits the mark. This sake cocktail calls for sherry, sake, cachaça, white vermouth, gomme syrup, lemon juice, shiso leaves, and Kyoho grapes.

Tangerine Ginger Sake Sangria

Perfect for those warm afternoons in late summer and early fall, the tangerine ginger sake sangria is a sweet and spicy beverage that is delicious and easy to make. This sangria is made with sake, fresh ginger, sugar, water, tangerines, and fresh mint.

You can find the recipes for these cocktails by clicking here.

To enjoy some creative cocktails in a Japanese steakhouse setting, visit House of Genji for dinner or Happy Hour in our cocktail lounge in San Jose. To make your reservation, please call (408) 453-8120.

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