Going Vegetarian at House of Genji!


Do not shy away from a delicious meal at House of Genji because you do not eat meat. With a huge selection of vegetarian options, anyone can find a delicious menu item no matter their diet. Keep reading to learn more about our amazing selection of vegetarian-friendly food:

Edamame is always a favorite way to start off a meal in a Japanese restaurant. We also have a side order of tofu that is served in traditional broth. Order the vegetable platter for the perfect combination of teppanyaki-style vegetables with tofu. We also have a delicious spicy grilled tofu option. Try out our rice noodle salad for a gluten free treat. You can always order steamed or brown rice as a complement to your meal.

Come in to House of Genji today for lunch or dinner to sample some of the great dishes on our menu. From chicken & scallops to sushi, we deliver a wide array of flavors that help you satiate any craving. To learn more about our San Jose restaurant, visit us online or call (408) 453-8120.

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