An Introduction to Umeshu

“Ume” and “shu” are two separate Japanese words that mean fruit and liquor, respectively, and it’s proof that sake isn’t the only Japanese liquor you should know about. Although, sometimes sake and ume are mixed when making umeshu. It takes a long time to make umeshu, but the flavor makes it worth the wait. Read ahead if you’d like an introduction to umeshu.

There are certain types of alcoholic beverages that are best consumed as a dessert rather than while enjoying a meal, and umeshu falls into this category. Umeshu has a sweet taste to it due to the added sugar, and if you’re not from Japan or familiar with the culture, the taste might seem unusual. Ume’s natural acids make umeshu acidic and sweet, and the umami in ume gives the drink a strikingly unique taste. The amount of alcohol may be anywhere between five and 20 percent, depending on the umeshu you choose.

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