• Visiting House of Genji for Happy Hour

    Any time is a great time to visit House of Genji, but many of our loyal customers love stopping by for happy hour. Our Japanese restaurant has been a local favorite for more than 30 years, and during that time, our repeat customers have come to rely on our fabulous wait staff and bartenders to provide excellent service. We offer a full bar, including Japan’s signature drink, sake.

    The sake we serve is premium quality, which means that it’s best served slightly chilled, rather than warm. If you’re not feeling in the mood for sake, you can indulge in one of our many other alcoholic beverage selections. Our cocktails are particularly popular. Pair your beverage choice with a delicious appetizer, such as panko wings, deep fried calamari, sautéed scallops, or a freshly made sushi roll.
    House of Genji is Japanese dining at its finest, and our beverage menu can’t be beat! You can reach our Japanese steakhouse serving San Jose at (408) 453-8120 if you have any questions.

  • Planning an Autumn Trip to Japan? Don’t Miss These Festivals

    Japan is a country that loves its festivals. Visit this beautiful nation any time of year, and you’re sure to find a festival to celebrate. Japanese festivals are a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture—from the traditional dress to traditional Japanese dining experiences, like teppanyaki.

    Kichijoji Autumn Festival
    Visiting Tokyo in early September? One of the first autumn festivals is the one held annually in Kichijoji, which is a neighborhood in Tokyo. This festival was first held in 1972 at a Shinto shrine, the Musashino Hachimangu. Teams of bearers travel the streets of Kichijoji carrying the mikoshi, which are ornate shrines. The music and dancing are irresistible for spectators and participants alike. There are always plenty of street vendors offering delicious food for hungry revelers.

    Sapporo Autumn Fest

    Bring a hearty appetite to the Sapporo Autumn Fest, held every year throughout most of September. Most of the festivities take place in Odori Park in Sapporo, which is the largest city on the island of Hokkaido. Booths showcase products from all over the prefecture, including agricultural and livestock products. Sample the wine and sake, order up some delicious ramen, and sample various delicacies prepared by some of the best chefs around.

    Kamiari Festival

    The Kamiari Festival is held during several days in late November. It’s held at the Izumo Grand Shrine. Adherents of the Shinto religion believe that all of the gods gather once per year at the Izumo Grand Shrine. People travel here from all over Japan each year in hopes that their prayers will be heard. Note that the dates vary from year to year, since this festival is scheduled by the old lunar calendar. However, it’s usually held in late November.

    Every day is a party here at House of Genji! Visit our Japanese steakhouse in San Jose to see our skillful teppanyaki chefs slice and dice your meal right before your eyes! You can reach us at (408) 453-8120 to check on our available reservations.

  • A Quick and Easy Way to Learn to Use Chopsticks

    Japanese food is delicious no matter how you eat it. But if you want an authentic experience, you should learn how to use chopsticks before your next dinner date at a Japanese restaurant. Watch this quick video for a helpful demonstration.

    You’ll see how to pinch the chopstick with your thumb and index finger. Slide the other chopstick through the space between your thumb and index finger, resting it at the base of your thumb. You’ll hold the second chopstick in place with your middle finger. Maneuver the chopsticks by moving the first chopstick with pressure from your index finger.

     You can practice your chopstick skills at House of Genji—a Japanese restaurant in San Jose. Call (408) 453-8120 or make your reservations online today!