Attending the Hanazono Shrine Festival

The Hanazono Shrine Festival is held every May, on the weekend that is closest to May 28. People travel from all over to celebrate at the festival, which features art, vendors, and plenty of Japanese food. Although this festival—sometimes called the Hanazono Grand Shrine Festival—is the largest festival held at the shrine, there are many smaller festivals held at the location throughout the year.

The Hanazono Shrine is located in Shinjuku. Although the festival lasts throughout the weekend, one of the most popular parts of the event is when a small mikoshi, or portable shrine, is carried throughout the surrounding neighborhood. The mikoshi weighs 1.5 tons, and people come out of their homes to see it passing through the streets. As with most Japanese festivals, food is also a major draw. There is a huge array of vendors selling Japanese food onsite at the festival.

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