• Hibachi Cooking Explained

    In traditional Japanese dining, the hibachi is actually used as a heating device. It can be a small, portable container, possibly round or box-shaped, with an open top to allow burning charcoal through. In Japanese restaurants, though, you might hear “hibachi-style” as another term for teppanyaki cooking.

    Hibachi cooking, whether at home or in a Japanese restaurant, is similar to barbecuing, though there are some slight differences. When using a hibachi grill at home, you can use it as a regular grill, just in a smaller and portable fashion. You fill the bottom with charcoal and, depending on your model, you can move the grill up a ladder of sorts to bring it closer or farther away from the flame.

    Teppanyaki cooking will often utilize the traditional hibachi. A flame will start under a large, flat surface where a trained teppanyaki chef will cook your meal and perform tricks in front of you.

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  • Understanding Hibachi Cooking

    If you want to understand more about hibachi cooking, a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant is a great place to start. These restaurants specialize in the Japanese dining experience of sitting around an inset iron hibachi grill.

    Hibachi is Japanese for “fire bowl” and was originally used as a heating source rather than a cooking apparatus. During World War II, soldiers repurposed the hibachi as a portable stove. This idea has now evolved into the theatrical cooking style we know today.

    Typically, hibachi chefs cook grilled vegetables, meat, and fried rice. They use their knives in an artistic and entertaining manner as they prepare your meal right in front of you. With a dramatic flourish, your meal is tossed through the air onto your plate by the flick of a spatula.

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