• Exploring the History of Teppanyaki

    If you have ever been to a teppanyaki restaurant, then you know the performance is just as important as the food. Although today’s teppanyaki dining usually happens in restaurants with large groups of diners, its origins are in the home, where people gathered together over small grills to cook and eat their meals. Generally, teppanyaki restaurants are more popular in the U.S. than in Japan, but the techniques and flavors used are steeped in Japanese traditions.

    The Rise of Teppanyaki Restaurants

    Originally, teppanyaki was a style of cooking that was performed on small, flat grill tops at home. In fact, the work teppan means “iron plate” while the word yaki means “grill.” This style of cooking was not done for entertainment’s sake but was simply a way of preparing family meals. However, in 1945, the first teppanyaki restaurant, called Misono, opened up in Tokyo. The restaurant was not popular with locals in Japan, who did not like the group dining style of the meals. However, it was instantly embraced by Westerners who were in Japan after the end of WWII and by tourists who visited the country. They fell in love with the showmanship of the flipping knives and flaming onion volcanoes, and soon, Misono became a chain throughout Japan.

    Teppanyaki Restaurants in the West

    Westerners loved teppanyaki so much that soon the restaurant concept moved outside of Japan to Western countries. Benihana was the first teppanyaki restaurant in the U.S. It opened its doors in New York in 1964 and is now a national restaurant chain. Many teppanyaki restaurants in the U.S. are referred to as Japanese steakhouses and complement their teppanyaki menus with other Japanese foods, including hibachi entrees and sushi. Japanese cocktails and sakes are other staples of most teppanyaki restaurants.

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  • See How Chef Johnny Does Teppanyaki

    If you’ve never had teppanyaki before and wondered what the experience is like, this video will give you some insight on what to expect. Teppanyaki dining isn’t just about delicious Japanese food but also the entertainment that comes with it.

    This video is filmed in a teppanyaki restaurant in the Cayman Islands, but although every chef brings his or her own style to the process, you can always expect to see amazing knife skills and an interactive experience between diners and the chef.

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  • Top Occasions for Teppanyaki Dining

    Unlike most dining options, teppanyaki offers you something unique by allowing you to see your meal prepared right at your table. This cooking style is full of fun and flare and is an excellent choice for many occasions. The following are just a few of the times when you should consider teppanyaki for your next meal out.

    Birthday Dinners

    Whether it is with friends or with family, going out for a meal on your birthday is a fun indulgence that can be delicious and satisfying as well. If you have a birthday coming up, then have your friends and family join you for a teppanyaki dining experience. When you gather around the large griddle, you can converse with the guests in your party while enjoying the impressive displays of your teppanyaki chef.

    Office Get-Togethers

    Are you tired of hitting the same dining spots with your coworkers? While going out for a meal can always be enjoyable, eating the same types of food over and over can become tedious. To switch it up, suggest teppanyaki and Japanese food the next time that you and your team head out for a meal together. Choosing this unique dining style will allow you to build memories with your coworkers while enjoying a tasty meal at the same time.

    Celebration Dinners

    Did someone in your family recently get a promotion? Or perhaps your child made varsity or got an excellent report card. Going out for dinner is a favorite way for families to celebrate achievements like these. Enjoying a restaurant meal allows everyone to enjoy the occasion and order what they would like to try. Choosing teppanyaki for your family’s special night out is an easy way to guarantee a tasty meal and a fun time for everyone.

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  • A Perfect Night out Starts at House of Genji

    The elements of a great Japanese restaurant are a delicious meal, lively entertainment, great service, and an elegant atmosphere. All of these can be found at House of Genji, a Japanese steakhouse and cocktail lounge in San Jose, California.

    House of Genji is the perfect place to experience the art of Teppan-yaki dining—where our chefs entertain guests by juggling and flipping cutlery as they prepare each meal. We only use the finest ingredients and aim to provide guests with a memorable experience filled with authentic Japanese cuisine and culture. We also offer a selection of cocktails, seafood, steak, and sushi for everyone to enjoy. Getting some fine food and Japanese drinks is the perfect way to start a night out with friends or family.

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Teppanyaki

    Teppanyaki in San Jose If you are interested in trying Japanese food in San Jose, learning about teppanyaki is a great way to make the most out of your Japanese dining experience. Teppanyaki is more than just a style of Japanese cooking—it is an experience.

    Teppan translates in English to steel plate, while yaki means to fry, boil, or sear. The teppanyaki experience places dinners around a large stainless steel grill where they watch their food be masterfully prepared by a teppanyaki chef. These chefs expertly put on a show with their cooking utensils as they make delicious meals of meat and vegetables with precision.

    If you are looking for more than a just another night out and want to experience a grilling show that is fun for everyone, call House of Genji at (408) 453-8120. We look forward to providing you with delicious food and entertainment.

  • Teppanyaki Basics

    Basics of Teppan Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cooking used in many Japanese restaurants in America. You’ve probably encountered it if you’ve gone out for Japanese food. Teppanyaki cooking is characterized by the use of fresh ingredients and very light seasoning that is meant to enhance the natural flavor of its ingredients. The primary seasonings used are salt, pepper, soy sauce, wine, vinegar, and garlic.

    Most Japanese restaurants that specialize in Tappan dining prepare your food on a hibachi grill right in front of you. This is what makes the Japanese dining experience so fun and unique. As the chef cooks the food at a high heat and with a minimal amount of oil, teppanyaki-style Japanese food is very low fat and healthy. Having the food cooked right in front of you also makes it easy to have your ingredients cooked to your specifications.

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  • The Differences Between Hibachi and Teriyaki

    The Differences Between Hibachi and Teriyaki If you enjoy dining at Japanese restaurants, you’ve probably come across the terms hibachi, teppanyaki, and teriyaki on a menu. Japanese steakhouses have different ways of preparing and cooking meat, and understanding these terms will help you out the next time you order Japanese food.

    Hibachi Grill
    A traditional hibachi in Japan was a container made of wood or ceramic, lined with metal, that was either built into a piece of furniture, or created as a portable device. Hibachis were used to burn charcoal and wood for cooking. In America, the Hibachi grills that are seen in Japanese restaurants are small, open-hearth grills, usually with seating around them, on which a chef prepares your meal. These grills can be charcoal or electric, and can have a flat iron or ridged grill top for different cooking styles.

    Hibachi or Teppanyaki Cooking
    Teppanyaki, or Tappan, cooking encompasses any Japanese food that is cooked on an iron grill, like a Hibachi grill. Hibachi dishes typically consist of thinly sliced meat, vegetables, rice, and soy sauce. Vegetables are grilled on a Hibachi grill, and the meat is seasoned with soy sauce, and occasionally ginger, then cooked very quickly on a very hot grill. The meat and vegetables are then served over rice.

    Teriyaki translates from Japanese to English as “glossy grilled.” This style of preparing meat involves the use of Teriyaki sauce to coat or “gloss” the meat before cooking. Traditional Teriyaki sauce is a light, sweet glaze made of soy sauce, sugar, sake, and mirin. Additional spices are added to taste. Marinated meat is cut into small pieces and grilled on skewers. Teriyaki sauce is added to the meat continuously as it cooks, giving the meat its glossy look.

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  • A Look at Some Incredible Health Benefits of Japanese Cuisine

    Health Benefits of Japanese Cuisine in San Jose When you eat at the Japanese restaurant serving San Jose, you have a great selection of some delicious and truly healthy menu options. Keep reading to learn about some of the biggest health benefits that you can expect when you eat Japanese cuisine:

    Plenty of Protein
    Many of the menu items at your favorite Japanese restaurant are full of protein, which is incredibly beneficial to your body. Fish, chicken, and even tofu are some of the most common staples of a Japanese restaurant. When you eat a lot of protein, you create stronger building blocks for your bones, your muscles, your cartilage, your skin, and even your blood. Protein also has a lot of iron, which keeps your blood oxygenated so it continues to flow through your body as efficiently as possible.

    Foods that Are Easy to Digest
    A lot of the items on the menu have buckwheat flour, which makes it easier to digest the Japanese food that you eat. Japanese cuisine does not use a lot of starch and white flour. Using buckwheat flour or wheat flour creates food that is lower in fat and higher in carbohydrates. This allows diners to feel fuller after eating a smaller amount of food.

    Green Tea for Optimal Health
    Green tea is an important staple of the Japanese diet. This kind of tea assists the immune system in fighting unhealthy germs that try to invade the body. Green tea has less caffeine than coffee. It can break down oil in the digestive system, which is especially helpful if you are eating fried or breaded foods.

    Come to House of Genji to enjoy these and other health benefits as you eat delicious Japanese style cuisine. We have a menu full of tasty and nutritional foods that can satiate even the stronger craving. Whether you are in the mood for meat or want to try a unique vegetable dish, we have something for you. To learn more about our menu, visit us online or call (408) 453-8120.

  • What Is Teppanyaki?

    Try something new the next time you eat out by enjoying some teppanyaki in San Jose. This authentic Japanese style of cooking creates a unique dining experience with amazing tastes that can please any palette. Use this guide to learn more about this cuisine style so you know what to expect from your excursion to the Japanese restaurant:

    Teppanyaki means “grilling on an iron plate.” Teppanyaki chefs cook steak, seafood, and yakisobe noodles on a cooking surface that is flat and solid. This cooking surface makes it easy to blend flavors as the meal cooks. Teppanyaki chefs at Japanese restaurants prepare food right in front of you.

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